Filtering what our kids can see on the internet using OpenDNS.  At home we need to block what websites our kids can see on the internet. If you have multiple computers and tablets at home its tough to manage what they can and can’t access on the internet. You can use OpenDNS to filter what your family can see. DNS is the service that translates names into IP addresses. How OpenDNS works is you create an account on their site, configure your router or your computers to use the OpenDNS’s DNS servers instead of your internet service providers DNS, and set what internet traffic you want to filter.
Creating an OpenDNS account

Go to – Select Home Parental Controls – OpenDNS Home – Sign up











3. Changing your DNS
Changing the DNS on your Router
Choose whether you want to setup up OpenDNS for your Router or a computer. If you have access to login to your router I recommend the changing the DNS on your router. If change your DNS on your router all the computers and tablets in the house will use the OpenDNS servers. I will step through configuring the DNS for your router, then I will show you how to set it up on your computer in section 3.2

Select Router






Choose your brand and model of Router and follow the instructions for changing your routers DNS.







Changing the DNS on your computer
Select Computer – Choose your operating system







Follow the instructions for changing your computer or mobile device’s DNS.

Test your settings and open the OpenDNS Dashboard

You will need to get your Public IP address. It should be displayed at the top middle of the page. Type your IP into the IP fields.







Select Add this Network – Select the IP Address Link

Select your Content Filtering level or choose Custom






If you choose Custom, select the categories you want to filter.










You can also block or allow specific domains. Type in the domain name and choose to always or never block.


Choose apply and allow 3 minutes for the changes to take affect.
Testing OpenDNS.  Now we need to test accessing a blocked site. In my settings I blocked Nudity and Pornography. So lets access site an adult site that does not have adware or malware on it. is a good testing site.
In your web browser’s address type




If you receive the following response, OpenDNS is setup successfully.