You can find information for anything you can imagine on the internet. This is why it is so important we filter what our children can see and have access to. I have had many people come to me with their computers saying it is running slow, frequent advertising popping up or cannot access the internet. A common issue I have noticed is a kid will get on a computer install a free game, and when stepping through the installer will not uncheck additional software.


Additional software that gets installed may cause unwanted popups or even change your DNS settings. The developer of the game makes money when you install the additional unwanted software on your computer. Remember, seldom is anything free on the internet.

Here is an example:




My recommendation is that kids should not be allowed to install software on a computer.

Create a user account for your child

The first account created on a MAC has administrative rights, do not let your child have access to this account.

On the DOC select System Preferences – Users and Groups
Click on the lock to make changes.


You will be prompted to enter a username and password of an account that has administrative rights. Type in your username and password




Select the + plus sign add a user account.


Select Managed with Parental Controls and fill in the account information, then select Create User.






For your new account make sure Enable Parental Controls is checked then click on the Open Parental Controls button.

You may be prompted to enter a administrator username and password, so type in the info.

On the left hand side select the user account you want to setup parental controls for
Setting up Parental Controls

Use Simple Finder – If you choose Use Simple Finder it will only show you the applications you have access to. Out of sight out of mind, if you want to keep your kids from complaining about what they don’t have access to this may be a good way to go.

Limit Applications – This allows the user to open only the specified applications you allow. An administrator password is required to open applications that are not allowed.

Allow App Store Apps – you can select do not allow or different age groups

Allowed Apps – 


Select the applications that you want to allow. Make sure you test accessing the applications before you have your children try it. I am telling you from experience, there are many appications that have dependencies. So test is out first.




Check the box if you want to prevent the Doc from being modified.

MacParentalControls1.5In the people tab you can choose if you want to allow Game Center multiplayer games or Game Center friends. You can also limit Mail and Messages to the allowed contacts.







Time Limits
MacParentalControls1.6Gives you the ability to set what time and the amount of time your child has on the internet. This is one of the most powerful parental controls on the MAC which has been available since Lion. Microsoft added this feature in Windows 8.






MacParentalControls1.7You can choose to disable the built-in camera, dictation, profanity in the Dictionary, printer administration, changing password, and CD/DVD burning.







MacParentalControls1.8Select the logs button to see Websites Visited, Websites Blocked, Applications accessed, and iMessages sent and received. Select done when finished

Click on the Lock to prevent further changes and select the red X to close the System Preferences.
Test your child’s account

Login to the newly created account and test the parental controls.