Installing Windows updates without administrative rights

In a domain environment you can configure Automatic Updates by Using a Group Policy.

Edit your Group Policy

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update\Configure Automatic Updates
Set “Configure Automatic Updates” to “Auto download and schedule the install”.
If you are not using group policy’s. Login to the computer with an administrative account and go to:
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update\Change settings.


Check the box to Allow all users to install updates on this computer, then select OK.

Parental Controls on Windows 8

We all want to keep our kids safe on the internet. The steps below will show you how to restrict access to internet sites, determine what programs your child can run, set hours of access, and set time limit restrictions. I have had ten years of experience playing cat and mouse with my children on the computer. My oldest has even went as far as pulling out the battery on the mother board to remove the bios password so he could change the computer time and bypass the time restrictions. I’m not a huge fan of Windows 8 but the parental controls make it the operating system of choice for kids. Unless you have a MAC.

Upgrade to Windows 8.1
If you are still running Windows 8.0 you should upgrade to 8.1. This upgrade is in the Microsoft Store and is a free upgrade.

When you setup Windows for the first time you are asked to create an account, this account has administrative rights, do not allow your kid to have access to this account. You need to create another account for them to use.

If your Windows login does not prompt you for a password when you login you need to change that. Follow the instructions for Requiring users to enter a password when logging in.

Requiring users to enter a password when logging in:

On the Metro UI Start Screen type netplwiz, then select the program

Check Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.
Then select OK.

Creating a User Account with Parental Controls:

On the Metro UI Start Screen type Control Panel, then select the program

win8.2In the control panel select User Accounts – Manage Another Account – Add a New User in PC settings – Add anther account –





Sign in Without a Microsoft Account – Local account – Add a user

win8.3Select Next

Check the box for: Is this a child’s account? Turn on Family Safety
Select Finish

Next we need to configure family safety, this will enforce the following restrictions:
Web Filtering – What site they can access
Time Restrictions – hours and the amount of time they can access the computer
Game and Windows Store App Restrictions – What games they can play
Desktop App Restrictions – What applications they can run

Configuring Family Safety
On the Metro UI Start Screen type Control Panel, then select the program
Select Family Safety
Select the User Account to setup family safety for
Note: Each account can have it’s own family safety settings.

Web Filtering:
win8.4Select <user> can only use the website I allow the select Set web filtering level





Choose a web restriction level:

Note: If there is a site that is blocked and you want to allow access. When accessing the site you will be prompted for the parent to allow access.







Once you are done setting the Web Restrictions select User Settings

Select Time Limits






Once you are done with the time limits select Curfew.
This will allow you to set the time range for allowing access.
Once you are done setting the Time Limits select User Settings

Select Game and Windows Store Restrictions
This section will allow you to determine what games they can play on the Windows Store and what game rating level they are allowed to play.

Once you are done with the time limits select Desktop App Restrictions
This determines what Windows applications your child can run.

For example: if your child is grounded from playing games on the computer but he still needs to use it for homework.
You can allow access to Microsoft Word but deny access to Steam.
Note: If there is a site that is blocked and you want to allow access. When accessing the site you will be prompted for the parent to allow access.








Once you are done you can close the Control Panel window, login to the child’s account and test out the restrictions.

RMAN Backup and Restort Script for Windows


Echo on
RMAN target / cmdfile=’rman_backup.rcv’ msglog=’oraclelog.log’ APPEND


shutdown immediate;
connect target /
startup mount;
run {
( database include current controlfile );
alter database open;
Scheduling RMAN Backups

Open Windows Scheduler
The user in the Run as field needs to be part of the ora_dba group.


Open a Web page from Business Objects Report

Opening another Web page from Business Objects Report Using Hyperlink

  1. Create a WEBI report
  2. Add a free cell
  3. Type the URL into the General > Text property;
  4. Select Hyperlink from the drop-down list from the Read contents as check box.

Windows XP remote desktop change port

How to change the default remote desktop port in Windows.

This applies to Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.  Some people want to change the default Remote Desktop is listening on as a security precaution, so here is how you do it.

Open the Registry
Start – Run – Regedit and navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp

Right click on the PortNumber key, change the Base to Decimal and change it to the port of your choice.


Close the registry and restart the computer.




Now when you connect to the computer through Remote Desktop you will have to add the port number to the address field. Below is an example.

Output DOS command results to a text file

Output a directory list to a text file
dir > test.txt

Output a directory list and subdirectories to a text file
dir > /s test.txt

Append to an existing file
dir >> test.txt

Tell Windows where the install files are located

In Windows XP you occasionally need the install files to add additional features or to run a Windows repair. Instead of having to find the CD you can copy the install (cab) files to your computer.
Create a 2 folders in your c:\windows\ directory called options\cabs\
Copy the install files to your computer
Open a command prompt and type the following command to create the directory
c:\> mkdir c:\windows\options\cabs\
On the Windows installation disk copy all the files inside the i386 folder to your c:\windows\options\cabs\ folder

Tell Windows where the install files are located
Edit the following keys in your registry.


Open the following key

Source Path

Change the Value data to:

Now Windows will automatically find the install files.

Make your pictures float in Microsoft Word

Make your pictures float in Microsoft Word

If you want to add a picture to Microsoft but don’t want to through off the text you has make the picture float.

Insert your picture into the word document. Don’t worry about where it is located.

Right click on the picture and select:

Format Picture – Layout – Select In front of text.


How to remove from autostart programs in Windows 7

Many applications that are installed on Windows 7, XP, and Windows 8 are set to autostart. This allows applications to load faster because they are already in memory, but having too many applications autostart will lengthen the time it takes your computer to boot.

To remove programs from auto starting on the taskbar.

Start => Run => type “msconfig” => This takes you to the System Configuration Utility

select the “startup” tab => uncheck everything you don’t want to run when the computers starts.


Creating a new job server in Data Integrator

In Data Integrator each user using Data Integrator Designer should have their own job server.

1. Create a user in Oracle. If you have an existing tablespace for your local repository add the user to that tablespace, if not create a new tablespace.
2. Open Data Integrator Repository Manager. You will create a repository for the new user you created in oracle.
3. Add you Database type, connection name, user name, and password, then select create. Once successfully created select close.
boxi3.14. Open the Data Integrator Server Manager

5. Select Edit Job Server Config

6. Select Add





7. Add a new Job Server name; select a Job Server port that is not being used, Database type, connection name, User Name, and Password. This is the same connection that was used to create the repository.


8. Select Apply, if successful then select ok.

9. You should now be able to login to Data Integrator Designer with your new account.