Using Microsoft Outlook Spam filter to block senders domains.

I received between two to four spam emails a day, many of which I thought I had already blocked.  After minutes of research I realized that the sender is changing the username of the email address.  This is the part of the email address that is to the left of the @ sign.  Example:  If the sender sends me an email as and I block it using block sender in Microsoft Outlook all the sender has to do is change the username to and the email will show up in my inbox.  Currently Outlook has the following options, block sender, that’s it.  What I would like is the ability to right click on a message and select Junk – Block Senders Domain.  They have the option to never block a senders domain but not to block a senders domain.  Why Microsoft would not add this feature into Outlook is beyond me.  Even Lotus Notes has the ability out of the box to block a senders domain.outlook junk email options





I tried creating a rule but did not have the options to add a senders domain to the blocked senders list.  There is a workaround, its not pretty but it works.

In Microsoft Outlook, right click on the spam email, select Junk, then select Block Sender.

On the Menu bar select Home – Junk – Junk – email options
Outlook Junk email options





Select Blocked Senders
Outlook blocked senders









Edit the address you just added to the blocked senders.
edit domain outlook






Delete the username and the @ sign of the email address and select OK
blocked senders Outlook






Select OK to close the Junk email options.  Now anything that is sent from will go into my Junk email folder instead of Outlook.  This is an OK workaround for blocking a senders domain until I figure out how to create the appropriate rule in Outlook.  I may have to write a Visual Basic Add-In to make it work.  If anyone has a better solution for blocking a senders domain in Outlook please let me know.