Installing VMware tools on Debian and Ubuntu is not as easy as on Windows but following a the steps below should make fairly easy.

These instructions should work for VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, and VMWare Fusion.

Login to Debian and switch to root user

Check if required packages are installed
We need to check for gcc, make, and linux-header

$ apt-cache search gcc make
$ apt-cache search linux-header

If the following packages are not installed run the Install the Required Packages commands

Install the Required Packages

$ apt-get install gcc make

$apt-get update && apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
Install VMware Tools
In VSphere right click on the server  – Guest – Install/Upgrade VMware Tools
In VMware Workstation and Fusion – Virtual Machine – Install VMware Tools
Mount the cdrom and copy the .gz file
$ mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
$ cd /media/cdrom
$ cp vmwaretools-(version number).tar.gz /tmp
$ tar zxvf vmwaretools-(version number).tar.gz
$ cd vmware-tools-distrib/
$ ./
That’s it, VMware tools for Debian or  Ubuntu Linux should be installed.