In Data Integrator each user using Data Integrator Designer should have their own job server.

1. Create a user in Oracle. If you have an existing tablespace for your local repository add the user to that tablespace, if not create a new tablespace.
2. Open Data Integrator Repository Manager. You will create a repository for the new user you created in oracle.
3. Add you Database type, connection name, user name, and password, then select create. Once successfully created select close.
boxi3.14. Open the Data Integrator Server Manager

5. Select Edit Job Server Config

6. Select Add





7. Add a new Job Server name; select a Job Server port that is not being used, Database type, connection name, User Name, and Password. This is the same connection that was used to create the repository.


8. Select Apply, if successful then select ok.

9. You should now be able to login to Data Integrator Designer with your new account.