Create a Windows System Repair Disc

In Windows you can create a Windows System Repair Disc incase your computer crashes.  The will allow you to recover your OS if something gets corrupted or a bad driver gets installed. In this day and age we can’t always rely on our devices to work perfectly. After all, our devices are made by humans and sometimes mistakes will happen. In light of that, we need to backup our files, make restores and keep our bases covered so that we don’t end up shooting ourselves in the foot because we didn’t want to cover our bases.

Any driver updates to windows including Windows Updates themselves can be problematic.

To start, type ” System Repair” in the search field in the Start Menu. Then click on “Create a System Repair Disc”.











When System Repair starts up, make sure you have a CD or DVD inserted to your Drive before you continue. (and in my case, make sure you aren’t using a drive that can’t Write.)



Simply wait for the installer to finish…



… and you are done!

Now that you have created a Windows System Repair, see my follow on article showing you how to recover using a System repair disc also called system Recovery Disk.  Click Here