Some websites require you to use a SSL client certificate to do business with them.  This allows sites easily deploy two-factor authentication.

Today I needed to convert a .pfx certificate to a .p7b.  I the past I have used openssl, but realised this could be done using the certificate store in Windows.  Here is how I did it.

I purchased the SSL certificate from Geo Trust.  I went though the steps and downloaded a cert.pfx file but site I needed to use required a .p7b file.

Right click on the .pfx file and select Install Certificate








Check the box to Mark the key as exportable.








Install the .pfx file into your personal certificate store.

Export the certificate

Start – Run






File – Add/Remove Snap-in – Double click on Certificates – My User account – Finish





Select the Personal\Certificates folder.  Right click on the certificate – All Tasks – Export









Select .P7B then Select Next

Accept the defaults and select Next









Select the path to save the certificate file, then select Next









Select Finish and your .p7b certificate is exported.