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Setting up Parental Controls on MAC OSX

You can find information for anything you can imagine on the internet. This is why it is so important we filter what our children can see and have access to. I have had many people come to me with their …

How to enable Air Drop MAC OS X

Air Drop is a great feature that allows you to easily transfer file between computers without having to know that name of the computer or the IP address. Air drop will automatically detect all other Macs on the same LAN

Disabling the Remote on your MAC

Go to Settings – Security and Privacy – Firewall – Advanced – Check Disable Remote Control Infrared Receiver.

Disable Infrared Receiver, disable IR Receiver, disable mac remote…

Displaying your attachments as icons in the MAC mail app

If you don’t like the embedded attachment in the Mail app you can run the following command in terminal to display attachments as a attachment.

Open Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Run the following command in terminal:

# …

Enabling the root user in Mac OS X

The root user is disabled by default. Follow the steps in this article to enable or disable the root account.
Only an account with administrative privileges can enable the root account.
Enabling the root user

Mac OS X 10.5 or …