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Opening another Web page from Business Objects Report Using Hyperlink

  1. Create a WEBI report
  2. Add a free cell
  3. Type the URL into the General > Text property;
  4. Select Hyperlink from the drop-down list from the Read contents as check box.

In Data Integrator each user using Data Integrator Designer should have their own job server.

1. Create a user in Oracle. If you have an existing tablespace for your local repository add the user to that tablespace, if not create …

Follow these instructions before installing the Data Integrator client on the new users machine.

1. Give the user rights to the SQL Server database repository server.
boxi2.1Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager – Connect to the Database Repository Server. Ex: DIServer…

From the Data Integrator CD, select Install Data Integrator.
Type in your name, company. For the client, don’t worry about the Host ID (which is mainly for the job server)
Continue through the installation until the license information page. Create …

  1. Verify that the universe that you want to make available to all users does not have a secured connection.
  2. Secured connections are required to export universes to the repository. If a universe has a secured connection, select or create a

Business Objects XI comes with a version of the Java Runtime Environment JRE.  When you edit a WEBI document, Business Objects verifies you have the JRE installed. If you do not have it installed you will be prompted to install …

By default you cannot install BOXI 6.5 on a desktop operating system.

Use this switch to install BOXI

Start > Run
d:\setup.exe /v”IGNORE_PLATFORM_SUPPORT=1″

Note: Things to know before you start the promotion process

1. Know the source and destination server names
2. Know the Enterprise administrator password for source and destination servers
3. You have the Business Objects client software on your machine…