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Find Files in Linux with the find command

Search for files starting in the / directory named resolv.conf

# find / -name resolv.conf -type f -print

Searches for files starting in the root directory the start with host
# find / -name  “host*” -type f -print

Finds all …

Run Linux Apps on the Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux with Fedora and X410

Before you can install any Linux Distribution on Windows 10 you will need to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux Feature.
There are two way to install this:
1. Open a Powershell as administrator and run the following command:


Outlook Spam filter – Block Senders Domain

Using Microsoft Outlook Spam filter to block senders domains.

I received between two to four spam emails a day, many of which I thought I had already blocked.  After minutes of research I realized that the sender is changing the …

Install VMware tools on Debian and Ubuntu

Installing VMware tools on Debian and Ubuntu is not as easy as on Windows but following a the steps below should make fairly easy.

These instructions should work for VMware ESXi, VMware Workstation, and VMWare Fusion.

Login to Debian and …

Convert an SSL Certificate from pfx to p7b

Some websites require you to use a SSL client certificate to do business with them.  This allows sites easily deploy two-factor authentication.

Today I needed to convert a .pfx certificate to a .p7b.  I the past I have used openssl, …

Setting up Parental Controls on MAC OSX

You can find information for anything you can imagine on the internet. This is why it is so important we filter what our children can see and have access to. I have had many people come to me with their …

Website Blocker with OpenDNS

Filtering what our kids can see on the internet using OpenDNS.  At home we need to block what websites our kids can see on the internet. If you have multiple computers and tablets at home its tough to manage what …

Installing Windows updates without administrative rights

In a domain environment you can configure Automatic Updates by Using a Group Policy.

Edit your Group Policy

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update\Configure Automatic Updates
Set “Configure Automatic Updates” to “Auto download and schedule the install”.
If you are not …

Parental Controls on Windows 8

We all want to keep our kids safe on the internet. The steps below will show you how to restrict access to internet sites, determine what programs your child can run, set hours of access, and set time limit restrictions. …

RMAN Backup and Restort Script for Windows


Echo on
RMAN target / cmdfile=’rman_backup.rcv’ msglog=’oraclelog.log’ APPEND


shutdown immediate;
connect target /
startup mount;
run {
( database include current controlfile );
alter database open;
Scheduling RMAN Backups

Open Windows Scheduler
The user …