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Photoshop : How-To set a Longer History (More Undo/Redo Steps)

Setting a longer Undo / Redo in Photoshop

If you are like me, you love experimenting in photoshop. However, sometimes our experiments go wrong and you need to Undo them. By default, Photoshop only saves 20 history steps to save …

How To Recover Using a System Recovery Disc

How to recover your system to a previous point in time using your System Recovery Disc.

Make sure that when you start your computer you boot to your native DVD/CD drive and not to windows.

Also make sure you have …

How To Create a Windows System Repair Disc

Create a Windows System Repair Disc

In Windows you can create a Windows System Repair Disc incase your computer crashes.  The will allow you to recover your OS if something gets corrupted or a bad driver gets installed. In this …